Friday, 18 November 2011

BoBoiBoy in the house

 This cake was made for Pn Shazreen from UiTM Shah Alam on her son Ammar 6th birthday. BoBoiBoy is his favourite cartoon and sebenarnya saya tak pernah tengok cartoon ni...mengelabah juga but alhamdulillah and hopefully Ammar is happy.

Batrisyia Samhana's birthday cake

Cake for my grandaughter's 5th birthday on 13th Nov recently. Due to tight schedule I was only able to create the heads only still she's happy and proud that her ninda buat cake untuk dia.

Engagement cake

 Kek pertunangan Dr Kapten Mehrun and Dr Attib. Tahniah dan jangan lupa jemput kami kemajlis perkahwinan nanti. Congrats to Dr Safraz and Pn Zarina too..tak lama lagi timang cucu.

Birthday for F1 fan

Car toys for Alifdanial friends...good to see, touch and yummy.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea celebrating Along's birthday..Thanks Fetty


Sweet tiny roses white and pink combination for hantaran. Yang ini size cup besar sikit ..3.5 oz


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